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Washington State Exclusion and Termination List

The following list contains:

  • Individuals or entities whose participation in the Medicaid program has been terminated for cause under the provision of WAC 182-502-0030.
  • Medicaid providers who have been excluded from participation (see 42 CFR 1001).

Not every action taken by the Health Care Authority (HCA) involves a finding of wrongdoing (see WAC 182-502-0030 (b)). Individuals or entities terminated without cause pursuant to WAC 182-502-0040 are not included on this list.

The Affordable Care Act requires that all physicians or other professionals who prescribe, order, or refer services to Medicaid recipients must be enrolled as participating providers (see 42 CFR 455.410 (b)). Therefore, any non-enrolled provider—including any provider who is terminated from the Medicaid program for any reason—is not permitted to order, prescribe, or make referral for services to Medicaid recipients.

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