Benefits & Features

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Reduce Risk

SecureEPLS offers staff compliance by screening against any of several Federal databases & ALL available State databases, and all data sources are updated regularly.

Save Time

Whether it's you or someone on your staff, time spent screening for exclusions is time not spent delivering care. We bring all of the data into one portal, and with batch reporting, scheduled reporting, and the optional "Exclusion Active Watch" we transfer the workload from you to SecureEPLS.

Ensure Compliance

The reporting in SecureEPLS makes exact matches easy to identify and research. All available data on a matched individual is returned directly in the reports making your vetting process much easier and quicker.

Save Money

Think about it: If SecureEPLS Reduces your Risk, Ensures your Compliance, & Saves you Time, it's a can't miss to save you money.

Check out our Plans and Pricing to see how affordable it really is.

Comprehensive Portal

One Portal!  One place to go to access all exclusion database sources.  Federal, State, and Special Lists, all included on one site.  No jumping around.  Pick the sources and screen one individual or business, or your entire list of individuals/vendors.  One Portal at One Location & One Service.  Easy!

Autorun Scheduled Reports

Never forget to run your reports again.  Set them up, pick the data sources, pick the cycle, and let SecureEPLS run your reports, save them for you, and notify you via email when they're ready.  Saved online for you, forever!  Easy!

My Groups

Grouping Feature adds flexibility to your screening jobs.  Separate your providers by state, or by type, or by location, or any special grouping your business needs.  And you can put providers into more than one group.  Then when you run or schedule your reports, just select the group or groups you want included.  Leave it blank and get it all.  Again, added flexiibility made easy!

Plan Flexibility

SecureEPLS has a variety of plans specifically designed for either Provider, or Services Organizations.  One size definitely does not fit all.  So our plans are tailored to our clients.

  • Too large for a Self Service Subscription?  No Problem!  SecureEPLS has Full Service Enterprise Level Services
  • Too small to afford a Billable Subscription? No Problem!  SecureEPLS has a Free Tier for the smaller Healthcare Provider Organizations.
  • Somewhere in between?  No Problem! 
    SecureEPLS has 4 tiers targeted to Providers, 3 Tiers targeted to Service Organizations, & 2 High Volume Tiers.

We have you covered.   Easy!

NonStop Protection

Do you need more protection than a monthly screening?  Do you want a service that just runs with little to no manual intervention?
Do you want a service that alerts you only when there is a problem?

Our newest option
is the one you need.
A'ctive W'atch E'xclusion S'earch by SecureEPLS

Nonstop continual protection for those who care more.

More Features

Web Access via the Internet 24 x 7 x 365 with over 99% uptime since 2016

Self Service Subscriptions

Most affordable service available with subscriptions starting as low as $11/mo.

Full Service Subscriptions

All you do is provide the list of individuals/businesses to screen. We do the rest!

Autorun Scheduled Reports

Let the system run your reports for you. Schedule as many as you need. SecureEPLS will run them and let you know when they're ready.

On demand screenings

Considering new hires? Screen them individually whenever you need. Web portal is accessible 24 X 7.

Groups Feature

Need to separate your individuals by location, specialty, etc.? Grouping feature allows it. As many as you need. You decide!

Online Report Retention

All reports are retained online forever making look back simple and quick. Great for that unexpected survey/audit.

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