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For January only, every new subscription gets a 15-day free trial - cancel anytime!

All plans inlude the following features:
  • Individual Lookups at any time are always free. Anytime lookups, new hires, due diligence work on matches – all no charge.
  • Autorun Scheduled Reports. You can choose to let the system run your verification’s the first of every month and send you a notice when ready. Never forget to run your reports again!
  • My Groups Feature allows you separate providers into groups for easier verification. Groups can be States, type of Providers, Employee vs Contractor, and more.
  • Reports are retained on line forever. This provides instant look back if necessary, and availability during surveys or audits.
  • Access to all available Federal, State, and Special Exclusion Lists all the time.
  • System Availability via the Internet, 24 X 7 X 3651
  • Cancel Anytime—Online

Self Service Plans—Select a Tier and Start a Free Trial

Tier Level 1
Monthly $ $11 $18 $25 $37 $50 $75 $99
Avg # of Providers2 40 75 115 250 370 620 925
Avg # of Providers is the basis of the Tier Level. It is your monthly avg number of employees, vendors, etc. that you need to verify on a regular basis.
Annual Batch Verifications 1,440 2,640 4,080 9,000 13,200 22,200 33,000
Annual Batch Verifications is the maximum number you're allocated in a year, but only if you exceed the Avg # of Providers. (Otherwise this is unlimited.)

Enterprise Plans

High Volume List based plans for organizations with high usage needs. 2 tiers: High and Unlimited. Starting at $25/mo/list. HI-VOL
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Full Service We do the Verifications, the Reporting, and the Research. Quoted specific to your needs. This is the No Effort Plan! Full Serv
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Hybrid Service You run the Reports. We do the Evaluation & Research. The Best of both Worlds! Hybrid
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  1. Actual uptime has been in excess of 99.8%. Maintenance is required periodically.
  2. Ideal size assumes 3 lists per month. Usually SAM/EPLS, LEIE, and Home State.